Carla Radke

Director, Training and Development

One size does not fit all. Don't have a monitoring plan that locks you into visiting sites based on time elapsed...

A day in my life at Clinipace

There really is no ‘typical’ day at Clinipace Worldwide. I have to be flexible. From recruiting CRAs to participating in a bid defense to accompanying a monitor on a visit – these are all tasks I perform. Collaborating with our business development folks to staff projects by meeting the requirements of the client is probably the main focus of my job at the moment. I want the best fit for the client and the best fit for the CRA. I learn something new every day, which I think is important. We are a growing, dynamic company and are always looking for innovation in the way we do things. Working at Clinipace is exciting!

My "a-ha!" moment

Right now! Clinipace is really changing the way the industry works. With our just-in-time monitoring visits and the different capabilities our technology provides, we are contributing positively.

One of the biggest misconceptions I run up against in my daily duties is

Clients often think that a monitor should have therapeutic experience in the area to be monitored. This is not always the case. If a CRA is a good monitor (detail-oriented) and understands the Federal Regulations, they can be trained in the disease process.

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