Céline Hummel - Schibler

National Manager Clinical Operations

Good communication is half of the work.

A day in my life at Clinipace

No day looks like the other. Therefore, you must remain flexible, every day something urgent can come up that requires your full attention. In addition to supporting and supervising a team at Clinipace - I’m responsible for the project management of several sponsors including our longest standing sponsor (we have successfully managed over 100 clinical trials for this sponsor over the last 15 years). I also act as a consultant for some of our sponsors, mainly regarding Informed Consent Form (ICF) writing and regulatory issues (Ethics Committee and Health Authority submission procedures) in Switzerland.

My “ah-ha!” moment

When I supported colleagues for the Ethics Committee and Health Authority submission outside of Switzerland I realized that the submission procedures are completely different - although the result remained the same (namely the approval and release of a clinical study in a country). And this is one small aspect of the work Clinipace is accomplishing. We are managing clinical trials across the globe and this means handling a multitude of different regulations. However, we have one identical goal, to successfully accomplish a clinical study.

The most important consideration a client should take when undertaking a clinical research project is

Create a team of experts in all your required fields (physicians, statisticians, data managers, project managers, PV experts etc.) and communicate with them throughout the whole project.

Professional organizations

SwAPP (Swiss Association of Pharmaceutical Professionals)

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