Working for you in Israel and the Middle East

According to, nearly 5,000 studies were underway at the end of 2011 in the 15 countries considered part of the Middle East by the FDA; including 3,190 in Israel and 874 in Turkey.

While there has been an increase in clinical trials conducted in these regions in recent years, companies that provide support need to make changes in their business models and growth strategy to align themselves with the huge opportunities that lie ahead. As a global dCRO, we recognize the expertise and local knowledge of clinical investigators, patient populations, regional regulatory nuances and cultural differences required to successfully run trials in these areas.

We are headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, with Middle East offices in Tel Aviv, Israel. Within these offices we deliver a full array of outsourced regulatory, strategic development, clinical development, and post-approval services.

Israel & Middle East Services & Experience At-A-Glance:

Local Services

By Therapeutic Area

By Phase

  • Oncology: 33%
  • Pulmology: 17%
  • Ophthalmology: 10%
  • Gastroenterology: 7%
  • Hematology: 7%
  • Endocrinology: 7%
  • Urology: 3%
  • Infectious Disease: 3%
  • Central Nervous System: 3%
  • Other: 9%
  • Phase 2: 40%
  • Phase 3: 40%
  • Phase 4: 10%
  • Other: 10%
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