Clinipace Unveils Next Generation of TEMPO eClinical Platform

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Today, we announced significant innovations to our proprietary TEMPO eClinical platform.  As a private cloud-based application, TEMPO serves as the technology foundation to all of Clinipace’s clinical development service delivery teams.

As a result of today’s news, Clinipace is able to support more efficient and streamlined service delivery.  This most recent release of TEMPO also marks the first time the platform has been offered on a Shared Component Framework (SCF), which allows our clients to manage multiple trials supported by TEMPO. 

Additionally, we are introducing the concept of Configurable Modules, which are a set of predefined workflows, forms, and reports bundled together as a unit on the same platform within one database.  These flexible modules enable study teams to deploy the right set of functionality to support the unique needs of a single study and support more functions without the need for costly data duplication or systems integration. 

For more detailed information on the enhancements, please check out the press release.

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