Contract Research Experience

Ensure your success with a partner who has the global contract research experience to optimize and execute your drug or medical device development program. We have completed over 1,500 local and global contract research and regulatory projects.

In addition, our global regulatory & strategic development (RSD) consultancy has completed 300+ engagements and has deep expertise working with clients developing products in Dermatology, Pain, Ophthalmology, Rheumatology, Oncology, Infectious Disease, Vaccines, and other cell and tissue based therapies.

Our contract research experience includes:

  • Oncology/Hematology = 29%
  • Cardiometabolic = 17%
  • Infectious Diseases = 13%
  • Immunology = 10%
  • Central Nervous System = 9%
  • Eye, Ear & Respiratory = 7%
  • Ob/Gyn & Urology = 4%
  • Orthopedic = 4%
  • Phase 1 = 14%
  • Phase 2 = 22%
  • Phase 3 = 37%
  • Phase 4 = 11%
  • Registry/Observational = 4%
  • Other 11%

Selecting the Right CRO for Your Trial

Before embarking on your next trial, teaming with the right clinical research organization (CRO) can reduce trial complexity and result in a more efficient trial.  There are many special considerations you should take into account, including:

  • Determining the best eligibility criteria
  • Choosing the right investigator to increase enrollment
  • Location, location, location: determining if going outside the US will result in the best participants for your trial
  • Considering the role of technology in reducing trial complexity and running a more efficient trial
  • Assembling the best team
  • Engaging regulatory experts
  • Developing and tracking patient treatment plans

Next Steps – How Can We Help You?

Embracing technology can be one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to enhance the success of a clinical trial. Partnering with a digital CRO can help to run safer trials and deliver higher quality data more efficiently. While most pharmas and CROs are using some level of eClinical technology, today they often operate in silos, making processes slightly more efficient, but still worlds away from the fully-integrated system we provide.

Once a study is fully underway, the ability to view data, across all sites at every level, is invaluable. The ability to quickly identify trends and potential problem areas through the use of technology can ensure trials are run as safely as possible.

  • Monitor which sites are getting patients on board and whether they meet eligibility requirements
  • Keep prices down through licensed technology
  • Increase trial efficiency through centralized data, standardized processes, branded methodology, and integrated site management with monitoring and regulatory aspects
  • Collect and analyze real-time data to track study results and implement corrective action, if required.

How can we help with your upcoming trial?

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