Global Study Feasilbility

Global Study Feasibility

Conducting clinical trial feasibility is one of the first steps in clinical trial conduct. This process includes assessing internal and environmental capacity, alignment of the clinical trial in terms of study design, dose of investigational product, comparator, patient type, with the local environment and assessing potential of conducting clinical trial in a specific country. A robust feasibility also ensures a realistic assessment and capability to conduct the clinical trial. For local affiliates of pharmaceutical and medical device firms this is a precursor to study placement and influences the decision of study placement.

Our analysis saves time and money and includes the following assessments:

Site Identification and Qualification

We utilize several approaches in identifying qualified sites and investigators. We consider the site’s location, staffing, qualifications, history, clinical trial experience, area of therapeutic experience, GCP/ICH compliance and patient population/enrollment history. We collaborate with you to select sites that will successfully meet your project needs.

Our analysis tools will assist us in accurately determining which regions and sites will produce the best performance and probability of success.

Patient Population / Target Group

Our trial operations experts analyze available patient demographic data, work with patient advocacy organizations, and physicians to understand how, when and where patients and their support groups can be reached. By identifying the correct patient population and by focusing on the right target group, you save both time and money during the recruitment period.

Competing Trials

Successful patient recruitment also depends on the number of competing trials in the region of your trial, as well as the number of trials being performed at your investigator sites. We conduct both primary and secondary analysis of competing trial data in relation to your clinical study and provide you with accurate reports.

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