Hosting & Support

The TEMPO™ eClinical Platform is a hosted software solution that is delivered as a service, including all hardware, communications, and software needed to efficiently support a clinical trial and/or registry. The network infrastructure is managed by our highly trained personnel, and is physically hosted at a top-tier data center(s) owned and operated by Windstream. These data centers offer world class physical and logical security, as well as a reliable network operations center for our staff to manage owned hardware and software including redundancy, back-up and recovery systems, which enable our clients to achieve regulatory compliance.

We have access to four SAS 70 Type II certified Data Centers in Boston, MA, Charlotte, NC, and Raleigh, NC (2), providing best-of-breed data center operations with hardened physical infrastructure, security, and environmental services. The Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70 ("SAS 70") is an internationally recognized auditing standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). This certification confirms that a service provider has internal controls that are suitably designed and operating effectively to administer and support mission critical business processes.

The hosted TEMPO™ eClinical Platform has been designed from the ground up to provide the highest levels of audit control, data integrity, access control and security in the industry today. The system architecture and design has been reviewed by independent security consultants to ensure that the system is safe. We provides enterprise-class security features in both our TEMPO™ software as well as hosted services, designed to meet or exceed the exacting standards of healthcare and pharmaceutical research.


Our hosting facility brings fiber into the building from multiple Local Exchange Carriers (LECs). Each LEC provides a "self healing" SONET backbone. These LECs connect to different Tier-1 Internet backbones using Interexchange Carrier Service (IXC). This combination provides you with a multi-homed, redundant network solution. If one fiber path is lost due to construction, LEC or IXC outage, these multiple paths to the Internet will keep you connected.

Additionally, the facility uses redundant OC-3 (155Mbps) fiber from both Cable & Wireless and Sprint. The datacenter’s architecture utilizes Riverstone wire speed Layer 3 routers all the way to the client router, switch, or firewall. Unlike other hosting companies that utilize Layer 2 switches and VLANS, this architecture employs very reliable, secure routers running at gigabit speeds.

Backup & Retention

We have a server backup strategy and retention plan with daily, weekly and monthly rotations to ensure maximum security and backup.

On a daily basis, a full warm backup (an RMAN – recovery manager – backup of the entire database with the database running), full cold backup (a full backup of the entire database file system via custom scripts while the database is off) and archive logs (databases are run in Archive Log mode and a second copy of logs are kept on the backup server) are done on all Oracle database files. An incremental backup is also done on operating system changed files.

On a weekly basis, a full warm backup and full cold backup are conducted on all Oracle database files. A full backup of Operating system files is also done.

On a monthly basis, all Oracle database files have a full warm backup and full cold backup, as well as a full backup of Operating system files.

All Clinipace Worldwide application and web servers are hosted in 3-node Dell R710 VMWare 4.1 ESXi cluster with guest vm’s “living” in a highly redundant EMC Storage Area Network (SAN) at the storage layer. The guest operating systems are all running on a virtual Linux platform which allows us to build or move servers in minutes rather than days. Each TEMPO™ instance and web servers connect to a redundant pair of database servers running Oracle 11G, which is the industry standard database for the management of clinical research data.

All Clinipace Worldwide database servers are on a grandfather-father-son backup rotation which is a full backup each weekend and an incremental backup each weekday. The weekend backups are stored for the remainder of each month, and the last weekend’s full backup is kept on a SAN in Hosted Solutions Charlotte datacenter where all backups are replicated on a weekly basis, thereby insuring an offsite copy is kept in a secure location.

Data Encryption

All data transfers from the browser client to our data center are made using standard 128-bit encryption, the same encryption used for financial and medical data transmission over the Internet.

Technical Support

We offer both standard and premium client support. Our standard offering includes both telephonic and online support to clients and their end-users delivered during business hours [M-F 8am – 8pm EST]. Our premium offering is customized to meet your specific needs. Our data centers are co-located in Raleigh, NC and Charlotte, NC.

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