Laura N. Jones

Clinical Data Manager

There is no failure, only feedback for Continuous Improvement in small increments. Mine every experience for constant improvement.

A day in my life at Clinipace

Review my studies ‘To Do’ lists and prioritize; emails; meetings or trainings; track system changes; problem solve; communicate with clients, clinical, bios, engineering, project managers, managers; adjust schedule and timelines as appropriate; assess progress; review data; document, document, document. Somewhere in there, break for lunch and share a laugh with colleagues.

My “ah-ha!” moment

When I participated in a clinical trial, I became the subject. What we design has an impact on people’s lives, health, and offers hope to patients and their families.

The most important consideration a client should take when undertaking a clinical research project is

Determine which ethically collected data is critical to the full analysis picture of the investigational product for efficacy and safety. Which data do you need to prove your hypothesis? Is it cost-effective? At the end of the day, we analyze the data collected to prove or disprove the hypothesis.

My #1 piece of advice when advising clients is

We are building a quality, custom software system for your protocol. Part of ensuring patient safety and data integrity is our extensive testing process on all parts of the system. Any modification or addition to your software will be thoroughly tested and can impact deliverable timelines based on the type of changes requested.

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