Ofelia Rodriguez Nievas, MD

Managing Director, Latin America

Contact local experts, come and see us in action, ask those with experience in the region.

A day in my life at Clinipace

First thing, open Outlook and see what's in there, try to classify emails according to importance/urgency, and do my best solving/replying to them. Then, I start dealing with all of my "to do" tasks – like interacting with support professionals (accountants/lawyers in each country). I also spend time meeting our team, asking about progress of our studies, seeking solutions, and evaluating strategies in order to achieve an objective. Whenever possible, I read articles in connection to our activities or seek current information on various topics.


My "a-ha!" moment

With patients as our main interest and focus, there is nothing better than knowing that results of a study conducted by us have shown positive results, contributing to the community by benefiting many patients.  As for our clients, getting a trial up and running faster than expected, accomplishing enrollment timelines in shorter periods than the estimated, and contributing to solutions are the most important moments.


The most important consideration a client should take when undertaking a clinical research project

Cultural differences - factors that would modify or impact the standardized conduction of clinical trials.


One of the biggest misconceptions I run up against in my daily duties is

The extraordinary contributions Latin America can make in the field.


Professional organizations

American Society of Clinical Oncology

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