Sandra Grosworsel Schefler

Managing Director, Brazil

Be aware of cultural and language differences among countries in Latin America as well as local regulation requirements...

A day in my life at Clinipace

While enjoying a very strong Brazilian cup of coffee, I meet with the team to ensure their project-related activities are on track and identify any issues that need my immediate attention. Replying to email messages, corporate tasks such as phone calls and meetings with local accountants, attorneys, local vendors and local clients cover a significant part of my day. Making sure that everyone in the office is still smiling at the end of a hard working day is the last goal of my daily “to do” list.


The most important consideration a client should take when undertaking a clinical research project

Keep mindful of the clinical trial regulations in place by country for drugs and devices that need to be complied with, in addition to ICH-CGP. High-quality standards and well-trained people, combined with the diverse patient population, are key factors that contribute to the success of trials conducted globally.


One of the biggest misconceptions I run up against in my daily duties is

That we have lower standards for conducting clinical trials – unequivocally false!


Professional organizations

Regional Pharmacy Council

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