Tim Freeman

Senior Director, Project Operations

Never go it alone. Collaboration with our clients leads to maximum efficiency.

A day in my life at Clinipace

Interacting with project teams to unearth operational problems and challenges and then working with team members to determine solutions.


My "a-ha!" moment

I was a project manager on a rescue study for children whose disease state did not allow them to break down complex carbohydrates.  The study was three years long and we picked it up about two years into the three-year period.  When the study was transitioned to us, we did a comprehensive review of the safety data and found ~1,000 data issues on data that was considered “clean.”  Discovering these items early on prevented delays of the submission and ultimate approval of the enzyme.


One of the biggest misconceptions I run up against in my daily duties is

Our processes are conducted with maximum efficiency.  Development of processes outside CRO influence will not mean maximum efficiency; it usually means more time and money.


My #1 piece of advice when advising clients is

Operational strategy and expertise is the CRO’s “bread and butter.”  We’ve seen most tasks done nine ways to Sunday and know which is the best solution without wasting time.

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