Webcast: The Joys and Woes of Clinical Trial Start-Up: A Global Perspective (February 14)

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With the ever-increasing pressure on pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to bring more products to market faster while also cutting costs, many in the industry have turned their focus to streamlining study start-ups.  With an estimated 65% of FDA-regulated clinical trials running outside of the US, these factors become globally important. 

While some factors, such as regulatory and ethical approval processes and patient demographics, are outside of a sponsor’s direct control, there are strategies sponsors can implement to positively impact start-up timelines.

Register now for this upcoming interactive webcast: February 14 at 2:00 pm EST.

Tenley Koepnick, Clinipace’s Director of Global Site Management Services, will provide sponsors and site management personnel with practical advice and strategies for streamlining start-up for global studies.  Participants will learn best practices for:

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