Today’s clinical research associate (CRA) may monitor 3 to 5 concurrent studies, with all the associated travel, management and reporting responsibilities. Burnout is a constant problem as CRAs endure separations from their homes and families while fulfilling their professional responsibilities at multiple sites. It can be a challenge for clinical research organizations (CROs) to retain trial monitors due to the demands of the job.

However, improved technology adoption and clinical operations processes are now making it possible to redefine the role of the CRA, while at the same time reducing stress, decreasing costs and increasing clinical trial oversight. At Clinipace Worldwide, we’ve adopted a methodology called Just-in-Time Monitoring that is dramatically changing the way we interact with our trial sites.

5 key reasons to make the move to Just-in-Time Monitoring

  1. Detecting and addressing problems early
  2. Strengthening relationships with trial sites
  3. Reducing the costs of conducting trials
  4. Focusing on ethics and regulatory compliance
  5. Avoiding CRA stress and burnout

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