About Clinipace Worldwide

We are a global full-service clinical research organization (CRO) serving the unique needs of venture-backed, mid-tier and strategic pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device firms. We help our customers advance drug candidates to deliver successful stakeholder and patient outcomes.

Clinipace leverages extensive therapeutic knowledge, clinical trial expertise, and comprehensive innovative technology to support life science firms in achieving some of their most important goals: Executing regulatory strategies, optimizing clinical development timelines and completing high quality trials.

Our original service model transforms drug and medical device development by delivering technology-amplified services to improve performance, collaboration, and visibility across all stakeholders. We are uniquely positioned to deliver:

  • An innovative methodology that reduces clinical development cost and budget volatility
  • A streamlined, efficient operational approach that delivers the right infrastructure and resources
  • An expert global regulatory team to set you on the right path
  • Experienced, therapeutically-focused clinical development staff organized specifically for emerging and mid-tier firms
  • A user-friendly trial and data management platform that delivers real-time visibility and project control built on an affordable and highly available infrastructure

Our teams ensure your success and bring unsurpassed efficiency and quality to your development programs. It’s the integrated approach combining technology and study execution that improves performance, visibility, and coordination for all stakeholders, and it’s a vital part of the culture at Clinipace Worldwide.

Our Mission:

As a innovative CRO, we improve the way contract research is performed. To achieve this, we deploy cutting-edge technology that enables our project teams to conduct our clients’ regulatory and clinical development programs to the highest levels of quality and efficiency.

Our Values:

Clinipace Worldwide values transparency, integrity and a performance-oriented culture. These core values drive service quality and delivery, resulting in profitability and sustainability for the benefit of our employees, customers, and shareholders.