Thank you to all who attended our live webcast February 14th on “The Joys and Woes of Clinical Start-Up: A Global Perspective.” Those who missed it can watch it on-demand here.

We received feedback from a number of attendees that they would like more country-specific information related to clinical trial start-up. We put together a Supplemental Information packet, as promised, that takes a deeper diver into related topics, available here: supplemental info.

The Supplemental Information packet includes information such as the estimated average timelines for clinical trial approval per country, global sample review timelines, and US sample review timelines. You may also recall we referenced the Tuft’s Center for the Study of Drug Development’s paper, “Benchmarking the Study Initiation Process.” That paper is also referenced in our Supplemental Information packet, and can be purchased here.

In addition, Clinipace Worldwide has developed an informative eBook, “The Joys and Woes of Clinical Start-Up: A Global Perspective,” on which the webcast was based and is now available for download.

This eBook covers:

  • Key areas that affect study start-up
  • Region- and country-specific examples of issues that affect start-up
  • Practical advice for sponsors on decreasing start-up timelines

We have a few additional blog posts coming your way over the next week as a follow-up to the start-up webcast covering topics including:

  • Divide by 2 Theory
  • Start-up pain points polling results
  • Start-up budget polling results

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