I led a webcast on March 27th entitled “Outsourcing Clinical Supply Manufacturing: Navigating US Import Laws.” During the webcast, we asked attendees several polling questions and I wanted to share the results from one that looks at their experiences to date with Port of Entry import restrictions.

Question: In which Port of Entry have you or your organization experienced this change in import restriction? 

The results of the poll:

  • We have not yet experienced this change in import restriction (88%)
  • Chicago (12%)
  • New York (0%)
  • Philadelphia (0%)
  • San Francisco (0%)

The results above are consistent with our experience in large part.  We have only just begun to see Ports of Entry tighten up restrictions, and so far, we’ve only seen it take place in Chicago. In our discussions with the FDA, they have indicated that this is how they expect the industry to proceed.

The fact that most attendees have not yet experienced change in import restriction makes this topic even more timely and important.

To learn best practices for overcoming the hurdles associated with import restrictions – the webcast and slides are now available on demand at http://ow.ly/jKfIX.

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