Improve Clinical Trial Visibility

The visibility that underlies our methods serves to instill confidence in clinical trial operations. In accessing the trial metadata, stakeholders can see how standard operating procedures (SOPs) are operationalized in the trial. The integration of clinical and metadata within a single system delivers a more comprehensive picture of the overall conduct of the trial.

The use of technology thus enhances quality control and project efficiency while making the evidence of these artifacts easily manifest through the use of performance metrics, such as:

Site Activation

  • Cycle time to site qualification
  • Cycle time to first site activated
  • Cycle time to site activated
  • Regulatory pack approval rate
  • Percent planned sites activated

Site Performance

  • Cycle time from activation to first patient first visit (FPFV)
  • Site productivity (% meeting goals)
  • Screen failure rate
  • Patient accrual
  • Patient dropout rate
Data Quality

  • Cycle time to CRF data entry
  • Data discrepancies
  • Query response time
  • Source data verification


Close Out

  • Cycle time for query resolution
  • Cycle time from last patient last visit (LPLV) to data lock
  • Cycle time to site close out
  • Issue identification & resolution

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