Tuesday, June 05, 2007 / Research Triangle Park, NC  — Clinipace, Inc., a clinical research software company focused on clinical trials and patient registries, and Clinlogix, a global clinical trial management organization, announced today the success of its newly established partnership with the recent winning of two oncology trials totaling over $1 million.

Clinipace’s Empowered Partner Program (EPP) – launched this spring – is an innovative program designed for small and medium-sized CROs, like Clinlogix, to combine their services with Clinipace’s eClinical suite and offer a truly comprehensive offering to shared pharmaceutical clients. By providing a more comprehensive service offering to Clinlogix’s clients with Clinipace’s technology, Clinlogix can compete more effectively with larger, full-service CROs, while still maintaining their own high level of specialized client service.

“Given the early success of this partnership, and the commitment of the Clinlogix team to our technology, we are quite optimistic about our ability to jointly pursue and win more new business together. This first win, two oncology trials each with over 50 sites, comes on the heels of establishing our partnership and is confirmation that clients are interested in a CRO that does more than just offer technology, but actually fully leverages it by adapting processes,” said Jeff Williams, CEO of Clinipace.

Williams continues, “In this particular instance, the client was sold on our technology platform’s flexibility and ease of configurability, and the expertise and exceptional customer service of Clinlogix. These assets, combined with the competitive price of our combined offering, made it a straightforward decision for the client and we are looking forward to running several more studies in the future for this investigator.”

Clinlogix, a CRO based in Philadelphia and known within the industry for its global reach, investigator network, and emphasis on customer service, is equally as enthusiastic about its partnership with Clinipace. To take full advantage of its partnership with Clinipace and more specifically Clinipace’s clinical research software, Tempo, Clinlogix had prepared for the collaboration by modifying the company’s own internal processes to allow for an even more seamless offering and the most value for their clients.

JeanMarie Markham, President of Clinlogix, explains, “It’s extremely advantageous to be in a position to understand how to embrace technology and win new business by providing a premium product at a lower cost in partnership with Clinipace.”

“Our experience with technology and flexibility allows us to modify our own methods to work in lock-step with Clinipace, thereby offering our clients the superb level of customer service we are known for while fully leveraging a market leading eClinical solution that maps to each unique protocol, providing an incredibly tailored solution to our clients. Better still, we can offer all this at a lower cost because we don’t have to invest in technology infrastructure, Clinipace offers a turnkey solution.”

About Clinipace

Clinipace is a clinical research software company providing a single, integrated data capture and study management platform for clinical research and registries conducted by biopharmaceutical and medical device companies, Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and Academic Medical Centers (AMCs). Our platform, called Tempo, is delivered via a web-based, on-demand architecture that streamlines the clinical research process by eliminating the integration headaches associated with multiple platforms, reducing project efforts and costs from startup to conclusion, and empowering project stakeholders to make informed real-time decisions regarding their research.
For more information on Clinipace, please visit: www.clinipace.com

About Clinlogix

Clinlogix is a Global Clinical Research Service Organization that offers “Best in Class” essential services for the management of clinical trials for the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical Device Industries. Clinlogix, a woman owned company, was founded in 1998 by JeanMarie Markham, current President and CEO, as a Clinical Research Service Organization, with the mission of decreasing project cycle time, and thereby producing timely, cost effective and high quality clinical trial data. Loyal clients can attest to the delivery of this vision which is demonstrated by Clinlogix’s early adaptation of EDC data management, amidst other effective strategies to stay ahead of competing CRO’s. For more information on Clinlogix, LLC, please visit www.clinlogix.com.