Our manager of statistical programming, Dirk Spruck, will share his expertise at the annual PharmaSUG conference tomorrow, May 19, in Orlando, Fla. He will be presenting on the paper, “Qualification Process for Standard Scripts in the Open Source Repository with Cloud Services,” with Hanming Tu of Accenture, Dante Di Tommaso of Roche, Christopher Hurley of MMS Holdings, Inc., and Nancy Brucken of inventive Health.

The paper describes the steps, platform and progress of initiating a qualification process for standard scripts hosted in the Google Code repository with cloud services. The open source repository is used as a collaborative development platform for hosting the specialized programs to be used as analytic tools for clinical trial research, reporting, and analysis through cloud services. The presentation will include how to access the repository, how to contribute to the repository and more importantly how to ensure the quality of the scripts being stored in the repository.

PharmaSUG’s mission is to provide a forum for the exchange of information and the promotion of new ideas concerning the use of software and tools in the clinical research, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries. To learn more about their annual conference or register, visit the their website.

Leave us a comment or contact our team if you plan to be in attendance at the PharmaSUG annual conference. We would love to connect you with Dirk to learn more about how statistical programming applies to your clinical trial.

In addition, if you’d like more information on statistical requirements for clinical trials, Clinipace will be hosting a free webcast, “Navigating Regulatory Biostatistical Requirements Throughout the Clinical Trial Lifecycle,” on Thursday, May 28. Save your seat today!

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