The graphic below illustrates the depth of our Cardiovascular drugs and medical device development expertise.

The first two bar charts look at the experience of the Clinipace team (directors of global project operations, project managers, lead clinical research associates and clinical research associates).

  • On average, 78.75% of our operations team has CV drug development experience
  • On average, 44.5% of our operations team has CV medical device experience

Clinipace’s cardiovascular clinical trial experience includes managing a wide range of multi-phase projects totaling: 118 studies, 4,091 global sites and 83,735 patients.

Another fact:  18 percent of Clinipace’s overall study experience is in cardiometabolic diseases.

Our CV experts have written a free whitepaper on Global Trends and Considerations in Global Cardiovascular Drug Development.  Be sure to download your copy today.

cardiovascular drugs

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