Martin Cripps is the Senior Director, Project Management, at Clinipace Worldwide.
Vicky Taylor is Manager of Site Management Services at Clinipace Worldwide.

Harding University Students Visit UK Office

Today our UK office hosted a group of Harding University students and faculty as part of their summer program. This is the fifth year in a row we’ve had the pleasure of hosting this wonderful group from the university.

Harding University is located in Searcy, Arkansas, and their summer program brings students to the UK to visit various businesses across multiple sectors. The group of business majors was led by James G. Shelton, PhD, professor of accounting at Harding.

During their visit, Vicky Taylor and I presented on the state of research and development in health care, including an industry overview, the phases of clinical development and an introduction to the business and operations of Clinipace. The presentation reflected current industry trends and our growing geographical footprint and services. We also discussed the impact of the Brexit vote on the UK and Clinipace.

I’m always intrigued to learn what the students are most interested in. In previous years, topics of interest have included the phases of clinical development, pricing and our TEMPO eClinical platform. This year, students asked many questions about patient and physician motivation to participate in clinical research, adverse events and insurance coverage. They were very surprised by the increasing volume of clinical trials being conducted in Asia and interested in Clinipace’s process for integration post merger.

As always, I was impressed by the students’ intuitive questions about the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

We would like to thank the Harding University students for visiting and look forward to having students back as interns and employees!

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