A group of Harding University students recently visited our UK office as part of their summer program.

Harding University is located in Searcy, Arkansas, and their summer program brings students to the UK to visit various businesses across multiple sectors. The students were business majors, and were led by Professor James G. Shelton, PhD, Professor of Accounting at Harding. Jeff Trickett and I represented Clinipace during their visit.

Our presentation, “R & D Healthcare and CRO Operations,” provided an industry overview and outlined the phases of clinical development.  We updated a similar presentation from last year to reflect our current geographical footprint and services.

The students were most interested in the phases of development in clinical trials, intellectual property, and market access and pricing. They were able to draw parallels between the skills required for a business major and the dCRO philosophy. They were able to see the different roles they could play within the health care sector, without necessarily having a scientific background.

We were impressed by the engagement of the students, and the intuitive questions about the pharmaceutical and biotech industry they asked. We would like to thank the Harding University students for visiting!

Martin Cripps is the Senior Director Project Management at Clinipace Worldwide.


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