dCRO Service Delivery

Breaking Down Walls, Reducing Project Friction

As a digital CRO, our systems and people are integrated around the standards-based TEMPO™ platform, bringing enhanced communication, productivity, and visibility to clinical operations and data management. Walls that separate functions are broken down, and information flows quickly and freely among project stakeholders.

PROPEL™ dCRO Process

The Value of Our Digital CRO Service Delivery

Study Start-up: Information from pre-study visits are communicated more quickly, site initiation activities and regulatory documents are universally shared and better managed; leading to reduced cycle times and faster site activations.

Patient Accrual: With current, at-the-fingertips information on recruitment rates, resources can be directed more appropriately.

Clinical Monitoring: Just-in-time monitoring, driven by site-based data collection and activities, enhances productivity while reducing unnecessary visits.

Site Management: Automated tracking of site activities enhance the efficiency so when contractual milestones are met, sites are paid promptly, making for satisfied investigators.

Drug/Device Supply: Combining real-time enrollment visibility with drug inventories and dispensation enables efficient timing and deployment of study drug kits and thereby reduces costs.

Study Close-out: Consistent remote and just-in-time monitoring enables timely resolution of data discrepancies (even preventing problems), ensuring higher-quality data and faster database lock; allowing analysis and site close-out visits to occur much earlier than with traditional processes.

Study Management Simplified

As a dCRO, we built our software platform – we own it and we live it. TEMPO seamlessly integrates the core functional needs of any trial into a single platform. TEMPO was designed with both the investigator and sponsor in mind. Experience simple, frictionless integration with Clinipace Worldwide.