DID YOU KNOW…In the US, approximately 50% of pregnancies are unintended despite the fact that 62% of women of reproductive age use contraceptives.

How is this possible when the majority of contraception products used as intended (“perfect” use) have low failure rates, in the range of 0.05–6%? Dissatisfaction with a product, lack of understanding of its correct use, or the inability to access an appropriate option may contribute to the disuse or misuse of contraception, resulting in unintended pregnancies.

In our detailed infographic, filled with eye-opening statistics, we discuss the current state of women’s contraception and the clinical trial landscape.

There is a plethora of contraceptive options available in the US, either over-the-counter or by prescription, all of which are reversible. However, because of the side effects, adverse events, or lack of spontaneity that can be associated with available contraceptive methods, approximately 40% of women are not satisfied with their current contraceptive method. Continued use of any product after 1 year ranges from as low as 36% to 84%.

With so many choices, personal preference and tolerance for side effects strongly determine initiation and continuation of a product, and a bad experience with a specific method may influence future use of that same product type, even in a different formulation.

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