gdrpAlthough enforcement is a little more than a year away, now is the time for companies to start understanding how to comply with the new European Union General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

More than 1,100 attendees took the first step on April 6 during our complimentary webcast, “GDPR Overview: What You Need to Know.” Led by Clinipace Global Data Protection Officer and Senior Inside Counsel Elizabeth Youngkin, the webcast offered a glimpse into upcoming key changes to data protection rules and provided organizational recommendations for establishing a privacy program to ensure compliance.

“The first thing we recommend is to appoint a data protection officer or privacy leader who can spearhead efforts to get your privacy program off the ground,” Youngkin said.

During the webcast Youngkin also covered:

  • the material and territorial scope of the new regulations,
  • how certain definitions have been revised under the GDPR,
  • updated rights and obligations for data subjects and controllers, and
  • the legal, monetary and reputational consequences for non-compliance.

Youngkin took numerous questions from the audience and plans to entertain other questions which time did not permit. Look for those questions and answers in a future blog.

In the meantime, a recording of the webcast and accompanying slide deck are available at no cost. You can download the material here.

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