The Atlantic Monthly (The Rise of Backyard Biotech) recently published a feature on FerroKin’s innovative business approach to bringing drugs to market.

{Excerpt from article}
If FerroKin BioSciences has a headquarters, it’s the attic of the farmhouse-style home of Dr. Hugh Young Rienhoff Jr., in San Carlos, California. Clearing papers off chairs, Rienhoff seems an unlikely pharma CEO. “Sorry,” he says, “I work in piles.” The attic is decorated with maps, medical-science posters, vacation pictures, and mementos of his three children. He gestures to a computer desk, where monitors sit atop stacks of thick binders that lift them to eye level. “Those are my FDA filings,” says Rienhoff with a grin. “That’s one of the best uses I’ve found for them.”

Glad he found a use for those FDA submissions we prepared!

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