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Eric B. Grossman, MD

Next week, I’ll be heading to New Orleans to join 13,000 other kidney professionals at the American Society of Nephrology’s Kidney Week 2017. This is a priority therapeutic area for Clinipace Worldwide. Held from October 31 to November 5, the ASN meeting’s theme is the ‘Intersection of Basic Science and Clinical Care: The Future of Personalized Nephrology.’ The program features breakthroughs in basic science, clinical trials and epidemiology – building on Kidney Week’s five-decade history as a forum for dissemination of such advances. Early programs will focus on advances in clinical research, the dialysis infection crisis, and updates in diabetic nephropathy and its therapy.

Meet Clinipace at Kidney Week

Joining me at Kidney Week will be Hampton Corley, Chief Business Officer of Clinipace Worldwide. We are both available for in-person meetings to learn more about your nephrology development challenges and how we might help you address them. Please contact us on and to schedule a time.

Hampton was recently named to the Board of Directors of the ASN Kidney Health Initiative (KHI), and will serve for a renewable three-year term starting in January 2018. Hampton and I plan to attend the KHI Open House, an informal networking lunch during Kidney Week, on November 3. The event is open to current and prospective KHI members. Clinipace is fully behind the KHI’s efforts to create a collaborative environment. This will drive continued progress, as sponsors, regulators, investigators and the greater nephrology community interact to optimize evaluation of new therapies.

Join us for a Nephrology R&D Webinar

As I’ll discuss in a complimentary Clinipace webinar, personalized and precision approaches are central to revitalizing nephrology R&D. As many as 26 million Americans have chronic kidney disease (CKD) and more than 570,000 have kidney failure. The level of unmet medical need among these patients is exceptional. To attend the webinar, titled ‘Reinvigorating Kidney Disease R&D: Latest Innovations Aim to Address Vast Unmet Need,’ register online. Join me to examine remaining challenges in clinical trials, and how sponsors can overcome them to develop urgently needed therapies for those with kidney disease.

Eric B. Grossman, MD, Vice President and Medical Director, Clinipace Worldwide

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