Presenters: Eric Grossman, MD, FACP, Vice President & Medical Director and Keya Watkins, PMP, Vice President of Clinical Operations (Americas)

Patient engagement early and often in a clinical trial is instrumental in the launch of new medical products today. Early engagement not only improves and makes research studies more cost-effective, but also successfully leverages the patient perspective and improves participation by better balancing scientific objectives with patient goals.

Reaching out to patient advocacy groups is one way of involving the patient in the entire process from development to market. Involving these groups in this manner ensures better information reaches prospective participants and helps clinical trial centers build thriving patient communities.

In this webinar, we will discuss a recent focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) trial and the positive impact of incorporating patient insights when discussing:

  • Patient and family burden
  • The likelihood of participation
  • Trial design and feasibility

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