As drug development costs have continued to increase, there is increasing pressure to bring new pharmaceutical products to market faster, and a need to find innovative ways to save time and money across the entire clinical trial lifecycle.

Although enrollment challenges are often the focus of study timelines, there is substantial potential to accelerate the study start-up process during site selection, ethics committee and institutional review board (EC/IRB) approvals, contracting, budget approval and site initiation. Improvements in any of these tasks can reduce the total clinical trial cycle time.

At Clinipace, we have sought to streamline study start-up through improved processes based on a combination of experience, analytics and technology. Our eBook, “Data-Driven Strategies for Improved Site Activation and Patient Enrollment Forecasting,” aims to help bring insight to related issues.

Read our eBook to learn more about how our proprietary, cloud-based e-clinical software platform, TEMPO, can save time and provide a highly accurate and sophisticated model to forecast study timelines. The eBook discusses how to streamline:

  • Site selection
  • Regulatory documentation and pre-study site visits
  • Contracting and budgeting processes
  • Site initiation visits

If you’re interested in more information about streamlining the study start-up process, click here to watch a recorded webcast and download the eBook.

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