Clinical and preclinical observations of an immune response to cancer suggest the potential of immune therapies for effective cancer treatment (i.e., immuno-oncology), but demonstrating the prophylactic or therapeutic effectiveness of immuno-oncology remains challenging.

There has been varying success with antigen and non-antigen-specific therapies; however, even when they are successful, side effects can be prohibitive. Perhaps the most promising advancement is the understanding and use of checkpoint inhibitors. These therapies have led to new approaches to vaccines with demonstrated success in the treatment of cancer. Regardless of the underlying mechanism, clinical trials for immuno-oncology must consider the most appropriate study design, including the sample and endpoints, as well as logistic concerns regarding tissue handling and testing.

Tune in live on Thursday, February 26th, 2014 11:30 am ET to learn:

  • History of cancer vaccines
  • Current immuno-oncology development efforts
  • Overview of why immuno-oncology trials typically fail
  • Suggested considerations to make immuno-oncology trials successful
  • FDA guidance for vaccine and immunotherapy trials

Our featured oncology experts:

Ofelia Rodriguez Nievas, MD, Managing Director, Latin America
Ofelia has extensive experience conducting a variety of therapeutic clinical trials as an investigator throughout Latin America. She is a board certified medical oncologist with over 20 years of practice in the field.

Lee Schacter, PhD, MD, FACP, Executive Medical Director, Oncology
Lee provides strategic guidance, program design, and medical oversight to clients conducting oncology development programs. He is a board certified internist, as well as a board certified medical oncologist.

Barbara Geiger, BSN, RN, EVP, Oncology and Latin America
Barbara has been in the clinical research and development industry for over 25 years. She is an executive clinical operations professional with extensive experience in oncology and CNS drug development.


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