Recently, we have fielded a lot of great questions about our TEMPO™ eClinical Platform and how it benefits clinical trial management.

Simply put, TEMPO™ transforms the way clinical research is managed by increasing efficiency and, thus, decreasing costs.  Every member of the study team, whether employed by the sponsor, CRO, or site, has real-time access to the same information and data.  The resulting transparency reduces administrative tasks (eg, status tracking and reporting), allowing each stakeholder to spend less time on logistics and processes and more time identifying and resolving issues.  Integrating all of the trial data into a single platform also makes it easier to spot trends and take proactive steps to address issues that may affect data quality.

Our upcoming webcast entitled One-Stop Shopping for Clinical Trial Management: The Value Proposition of a dCRO Paradigm on March 12 will provide invaluable insight into the benefits of a technology-amplified approach to clinical trial management.

Chris Porter, Clinipace’s President and General Counsel, is moderating the webcast, as well as providing background on the evolution of the technology-amplified approach to clinical trial management. He joins Clinipace presenters Cynthia Venendaal (Director, Global Project Operations) and Crista Casey Global (Project Director).

Reserve your spot in this free webcast today!

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