Looking for a CRO With a Holistic Approach to Women’s Health?

We’re your partner to bring more treatments to women every day.

As we continue to learn more about the way individuals respond to pharmaceutical treatments through research, we understand that results can vary widely based on any number of factors — gender, ethnicity, environment, and more. Women’s health studies, in particular, are essential to understanding the role of gender differences in a therapy’s success and improving and treating conditions specific to women. However, women’s health trials are often overlooked as an area of expertise for many clinical research organizations.

At Clinipace, we understand the need for a focus on women’s care in the marketplace. Not only do we acknowledge that women are underrepresented in research, we recognize there is specialized medical expertise needed to support these studies. Our team has direct experience working to advance the care and treatment for women and their unique conditions across a multitude of therapeutic areas.