DID YOU KNOW… Lower respiratory infections are the 3rd top cause of death and are responsible for approximately 3.46 million deaths per year. Want to learn more about the global impact of infectious diseases? Check out our detailed infographic filled with eye-opening statistics, such as:

In contrast to other therapeutic areas, bacteria and other microbes develop resistance to drugs. While antibiotics have saved the lives of millions of people, the very use of potent antibiotics creates newer resistant strains and fosters their spread.

With ever-increasing multi-drug resistance posing significant development challenges, there is a major unmet medical need for new antibiotics without safety concerns that target the microbe, not the disease. Drug resistance is reaching crisis proportions in the US and globally, challenging sponsors to continuously develop new approaches to the treatment of infections.

Worldwide, antimicrobial resistance is most evident in diarrheal diseases, respiratory tract infections, meningitis, sexually transmitted infections, and hospital- and healthcare-acquired infections.

If you’re interested in more information on infectious disease drug development, please click here to watch a recorded webcast and here to download our related eBook.

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