Last week, I shared some of LinkedIn groups for cardiovascular drug development and medical device groups.  Today, I’d like to review some of the top groups for pharmaceutical and biotech professionals.

See below for details – links take you to group web pages without being logged into LinkedIn.  Please feel free to add any groups I have missed in the comments section.

  • Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals (Members: 30,996) The Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals Group is one of the fastest growing in Linkedin. This forum is for intelligent conversations with medical device, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology experienced leaders. Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals group is dedicated to Medical, pharma, Clinical and Biotech opportunities all over the World.
  • Biotech & Pharma Professionals Network (Members: 98,298)  With over 90,000 members, and adding 1,000 each week, we are one of the largest groups on LinkedIn and by far the largest LI group in Biotech, Pharma, HealthCare, Medical, and Life Science. We welcome folk in diagnostics, the medical device area, clinical trials, research, QA, academics, writers, job hunters, students, recruiters, and anyone else interested in our field. 
  • Professionals in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry (Members: 127,858) Designed to expand the network of professionals in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Core missions: Develop a network for future leaders; Promote best practice sharing; Increase knowledge of the biotech and pharmaceutical sector among members.
  • Rx&D – Biopharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Research and Development (Members: 25,429)  This is the premier Linked In (“social”) networking group specifically for research, development, scientific, technical, clinical & medical professionals across the Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries. This is a community of R&D professionals who share common experiences, passions, interests, affiliations and goals. This group will enable you to stay informed (emerging trends, career, new ventures, etc.) and keep in touch with people who share your interests. 

 You will also find 10 subgroups, which may fit for your specific interests, including Drug Discovery, Chemistry, Research Technologies, Project Management, Molecular and Cell Biology, Pre-Clinical Development, Clinical Research and Drug Development, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics, Pharmacovigilance, and Risk Management.
  • Pharma IQ – The Network for Pharma & Biotech Professionals (Members: 9,126)  The official LinkedIn group for, the premier online network for the pharmaceutical & biotech industry. Whether you are involved in clinical, pre-clinical, regulatory, logistics or manufacturing you can network, discuss and share ideas with your peers. Seventeen subgroups include Discovery & Development, Clinical Trial Supply & Logistics and Clinical Data Management.

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