Zachary Brennan of Outsourcing-Pharma recently covered the looming Pfizer-AstraZeneca mega-merger, and spoke to several CEOs for their perspective on the possible effects of mega-mergers on early phase CROs.  Some in the industry feel early phase CROs may be the “first to suffer for a short period of time directly after the merger is complete.”

According to our own CEO, Jeff Williams, he doesn’t seem to think there will be much of an impact. Jeff feels that only larger CROs will experience the pushback from a big pharma deal.

“At our size, we see very little negative impact, and here’s why: In the land of big pharma, the big CROs battle it out for these strategic partnership deals. For these partnerships to exist, a company must have a portfolio of products, or at least multiple large-scale projects that can be packaged into a discounted bundle. Smaller CROs are not usually in the battle. So essentially the market share up for grabs in these deals is just that which exists in the big pharma sector.”

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